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Pre-Listing Home Inspection is an excellent way to prepare a house for sale. As the seller, you naturally want your house to be in the best condition possible, so it is as attractive as possible to potential buyers. By having Tim Estes inspect your home prior to listing, you have forewarning of any potential issues, allowing you to remedy them if possible or, at the least, be aware of the situation.

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Many condominiums have nearly the same components as single family homes and regardless of what is in the condo unit, you will own it! Tim Estes is well practiced and experienced determining needs and issues that you are responsible for!

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The Pre-Purchase Home Inspection is the ideal way to ensure that you are informed and educated about the property you are purchasing so that you can make informed decisions. Tim Estes will thoroughly inspect the property with you and generate a comprehensive written report that is emailed to you usually within 24 hours after the inspection is performed.


Estes Home Inspections provides an extensive report including photographs of potential problem areas within 24 hours after completing the field work of a home inspection, including helpful suggestions to keep your home operating efficiently and provide your sense of security in knowing what, if any defective issues of the home your buying was revealed.